That’s a *&^ Idea

Tonight was the first night of actual classes for my MM adventure. I think I’m going to start a list of things that profs at Cal State are allowed to say, that I would love to say in my classes, but never could. First on the list, the prof for Advanced Composition, talking about what made Beethoven such a compelling melody writer.

Play the first 4 notes of the 5th Symphony.

“Your hear that, nobody’s waiting around for the musical idea to show up. That’s a f’ing musical idea!”

11 thoughts on “That’s a *&^ Idea

  1. Christy Semsen

    Daniel texted me from one of his first classes where he had to write this original song and said that his professor had dropped the f bomb because she liked it so much.

  2. michael Post author

    I almost laughed out loud when my research techniques professor said, completely earnestly,

    “If some of you decide to go look up and read my doctoral thesis, you’ll find that …”

  3. michael Post author

    This was the same class that went from “Hello” to “… and that’s why America is hated by the rest of the world” in 4 minutes. What the … I thought this was an academic research class!

  4. michael Post author

    I don’t want to give too much away, in case he does a google search for his name and comes across this post, but my answer starts with a “Y” and ends with “es, he is an absolute nutter.”

  5. Daniel Semsen

    Oh, he totally already reads this blog. I mentioned it in one of my papers last year and I’m SURE he is now a faithful reader/subscriber.


  6. michael Post author

    Oh, hey, I meant to ask you, can I have all of your papers and other work from this class, so that I don’t have to shed one single ounce of attention to ace this stupid course?

    Cool? Yeah?

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