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  3. God is Good: Sermon Audio

The audio from this morning. Here’s the link to download the file:

God is Good (audio)

Or listen here in your browser:


Enjoy! I’d love to hear your feedback.

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5 thoughts on “God is Good: Sermon Audio

  1. jc

    Michael: I really enjoyed your sermon. I have reunited with friends of mine from high school and we meet at one of these friends’ cabin in Montana each summer…drink, shoot prairie dogs with high powered rifles, drink, float the Yellowstone River, drink and play golf. In our campfire discussions at night I discovered he is mad at God for taking their unborn baby. He doesn’t understand it. Your answer is about the best I’ve ever heard. I actually said the same thing to him, less eloquently than you and you’re right…it isn’t at all comforting. I love your illustration of the page in the middle of a very large book. We all suffer from limited perspective, especially, I find, in politics. Thanks for sharing the 3 things we can do. By the way, you are welcome here in Colorado any time.

  2. jc

    In between Denver and Colorado Springs, just south of Castle Rock. Great jump off spot for many adventures!!! Or you can just hang here on our 156 acres!!!! (Did I tell you it’s snowing right now?)

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