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I took a risk yesterday, and it paid off in a huge way.

I met with the Dean of the school of music, and we negotiated a big shift in my responsibilities in the School of Music. I am stepping down from my role as Director of Small Groups, and taking on the role of Staff Composer. A big chunk of my job from now on will be to compose new music and do some arranging for the ensembles in our school. In the last year, I’ve had several ensemble directors come ask me to write or arrange something, and I’ve had to say no to some of them because of the time constraints, and because they didn’t have room in their individual budgets to pay for new music. This solves both problems in one glorious swoop. I now get to say “yes!”, they get to have new things written specifically for them, I have time to do it, and they don’t have to decide between paying for new music or paying for scholarships (or whatever else they spend money on).

I have loved my role at APU since day one, and I didn’t think it was possible for it to get even better, but this is like a dream come true.

16 thoughts on “New Notes

  1. Daniel Semsen

    Way to go, Mike! That’s awesome. A perfect match for you!

    There’s nothing like being able to test-drive your compositions and arrangements with real people & players. It beats sequencing by a MILE. This stupid technology nonsense is deceptive. Sure, this computer can play my music, but can REAL PEOPLE!? And how will it really sound once I turn off the compressors and reverb and other techno-nonsense. How will it sound in a room? You know…all of that stuff. It’s much more fun to hear the live deal–so kudos and congrats!

  2. Eric

    Wow, Mike, congratulations. I haven’t been around to follow the blog much lately, but that’s great news. Definitely a dream job. Good luck with the young composer’s competition, too (having passed any semblance to “young” more than a few years back, so no competition there).

    June, you’ve clearly been watching too many A-Team re-runs… gotta lay off that.

  3. michael Post author

    Thanks, Eric. I’ve already had requests from ensemble directors for a woodwind chamber piece, and a women’s choir gospel arrangement.

    This is going to be awesome! I think I need a bigger screen.

  4. Stick

    Yes. You need a bigger screen. And probably a bigger office. With a window. And one of those really nice leather executive chairs. And a pipe. And probably a desk with an ink well and some feather quills so you can write music old school like Mozart.

  5. michael Post author

    “Now, for the counterpoint development section, please put down your printed scores and refer to this hand-written parchement.”

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