This Week’s Sermon: God is Good

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Yep. I’m preaching again on Sunday.

This week’s topic, “God is Good … So why is everything so f’d up?” I’ll probably modify the title by Sunday.

A little help please?

Next in series: God is Good, Good, Good. Mostly.

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Sermon: God is Good

  1. aly hawkins

    Choose tough topics much?

    Something that’s probably worth a mention (and that is one of God’s cooler ways of being all good and stuff) is how God somehow manages (with magic, is my guess) to make good out of our bad.

  2. june

    This doesn’t quality as “help” unless by that you meant, “Please June, tell me one of your pet peeves!” I’m pretty sure that IS what you wanted, so here goes: I break out in a theological rash when people talk about something nice in their life and then, as if it’s an explanation of the niceness say “Yep, God is good.” Wow. Really? Because I endeavor to be a nice person, I don’t actually say “Wow. Really?” but instead, chant silently to myself “June, you know what they mean…you know what they mean…you know…” and hope that they really DO mean what I’m giving them credit for meaning.

    You could touch on that…if you want to be shallow and obvious I mean.

  3. aly hawkins

    Being shallow and obvious is funny. And also not shallow at all — I mean, how many people need to think a little harder about what the heck nonsense is coming out of their mouths?

  4. michael Post author

    That’s actually part 1 of the sermon:

    Bad stuff happens to good people, good stuff happens to bad people, good stuff happens to good people, and bad stuff happens to bad people, so how about we just all agree that we don’t have a clue why. Health and prosperity are not a reward for being good. Poverty and suffering are not punishments for being bad.

    So, given that, what the heck does it mean to say, “God is good?”

  5. drhill

    Well – you will probably have to define good – but even then, when you go to the etymology where Jesus described God as the only one essentially good (Mark 10:18) – you will probably have to help people understand ; 1) pain is actually a useful indicator something is wrong, and can deepen our understanding of Gods goodness…and 2) in our fallen world we have forces at work which are allowed to wreak havoc ála Job – as you said – without our understanding. Reminds me of a quote”If you knew what God knows about death, you’d clap your listless hands.”

  6. Leonard

    Here is a quote I use. The evidence of the love of God (goodness) is not and has never been my life. Too look at my life and measure the goodness of God favorably or unfavorably makes God smallish and my servant. The evidence of God’s love (goodness) is the cross and what HE did there. On the cross, Jesus demonstrated that Goodness (love) is not dictated by my behavior but by God’s character.” The goodness of God is not about the condition of my life, but rather the heart of God.”

    Have a great Sunday and provide a link that would let me listen. Thanks.

  7. june

    Leonard, thanks for that quote! That’s exactly what I try to tell myself that people know and believe, despite what they say. (I’m sure some do and some don’t.)

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