Stephen Martin (no, not that one)

Many of you know Stephen Martin – he was a trumpet player at APU with us and he’s currently an adjunct teaching Intro to Music Tech with me.

On Tuesday morning Stephen will be undergoing surgery to donate 40% of his liver to be transplanted into his nephew Liam. Liam is a little 7-month old baby, the son of Stephen’s sister; his liver started shutting down about 4 months ago. As the situation developed, Stephen volunteered to undergo testing to see if he was a match, and when he was confirmed as a potential donor, he quickly agreed to the transplant surgery. If you know Stephen, you know that this kind of selflessness and generosity is right in line with his character.

Please pray for Stephen and Liam during their joint surgeries tomorrow morning. There will be a long period of recovery following the transplant, for both Liam and Stephen. Pray for Stephen’s wife and children as he recovers, and for Liam’s family as well – he has a long road ahead of him, even after the successful transplant.

One more thing – have you checked to make sure you’re an organ donor? Have you told anyone? Gretchen and I have talked about it, and both of us feel the same way; if we die, use whatever is useful.

6 thoughts on “Stephen Martin (no, not that one)

  1. Chad

    Steve Martin is good people.

    My very first memory of him was from my Freshman Public Communications class. His opening line was delivered totally deadpan, “Hello, my name is Steve Martin, except I’m not funny.”

    Which, of course, cracked me up.

  2. michael Post author

    This is from Shannon, Stephen’s wife:

    “Dear friends and family,What a day! I am sooooo happy to report that Liam and Stephen are doing great! They are both recovering from their surgeries and we couldn’t have hoped for better results. One of the doctors on Stephens surgical team said that his liver was “beautiful!” Another doctor from Liam’s transplant team came in to check on Stephen and said that it fit like a puzzle piece and that it was the perfect liver for Liam. There have been many touching moments since the boys have come out of surgery. Hugging Johan’s Mom who was so grateful to Stephen that we just hugged and cried. And I just came from seeing Liam, where Sherilyn and I stood by his crib and cried over the miracle that we saw before us. We were told that he would probably look pretty bad after surgery and to prepare ourselves for that. Not the case! He looks better than he did yesterday! His abdomen is more normal sized, the whites of his eyes are beginning to turn white (instead of bright yellow) and he’s kicking and wanting to suck on the pacifier that Sherilyn dips in water every other minute. (He can’t drink yet.) The nurses said they have never seen a baby come out of a transplant surgery and be so alert like this. Uncle Stephen must have one powerful liver!When Stephen came out of surgery he would doze off and on and every time he woke up he would ask, “How’s Liam?” or “How’s Sherilyn?” He amazes me. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We have truly been overwhelmed by all of the love that’s been poured out on us. Love, Shannon”

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