Obama on Africa

My cousin in Kenya can’t get a job without paying a bribe, and that’s not the fault of the G8. And when companies can’t operate without paying, in some parts of Africa, without paying the 25 percent fee off the top in bribes, that’s not colonialism.”

Obama talk about Africa’s endemic problem with corrupt leadership. We just spent a week with Gretchen’s brother, who lives and teaches in Tanzania, and after hearing his stories, this speech comes like a breath of fresh air.

One thought on “Obama on Africa

  1. aly hawkins

    He’s the first American president, I think, who could deliver a message like that and not be written off immediately.

    As much as I believe in the post-colonial West’s responsibility to post-colonial Africa, Africans must recognize their responsibilities to themselves and the rest of the world, if we are ever to get past the paternalism at the heart of the colonial project from the outset.

    My high-school friend Erik Hersman, a web developer and TED fellow (and sometime AddRd commenter, before he got ridiculously busy), blogs about some of these issues at White African. (Incidentally, he also consulted with Obama’s team on the texting thing they did in Ghana.)

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