Our Father, Vindicate – Finished!

On May 28th, 2008, I jotted down the first few notes of Our Father, Vindicate. I stared with the melodic theme (E – D#, F# – D#), and the sound of that flat 6 suspension in bar 26. One year and one month ago today.

A few minutes ago, I just finished the final mix of the recording. It’s such a huge feeling of accomplishment to see this thing come together, and to have something solid in hand, something people can hear and respond to. I’ve loved writing this piece, I’ve hated it at times, I’ve put more hours into it than anything I’ve ever done, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a musician because of doing it. I’m glad it’s behind me, but I’m very glad to have done it.

So, here it is.

Our Father, Vindicate
By Michael A. Lee

Downlod the chart: Our Father, Vindicate.

The vocalists are, in order of part from top to bottom:
Anthony Maglione
Brent Froelich
David Loucks
Jessie Bullock
Kyle Campbell
David Kress
Lucas Short
Phil Nash

Additional vocals by Michael Lee, and Harold Clousing.

27 thoughts on “Our Father, Vindicate – Finished!

  1. sharolyn

    Whiskey is a tag? You are funny.

    I am just going to ask, and hope I don’t sound like an airhead. Is “Vindicate” a command (or plea)? I was trying to pick out some specific cries during the “open” (from notation) section.

    LOVE the last “deliver us”.

  2. michael Post author

    In prepping for this piece, I read a bunch of commentaries on The Lord’s Prayer. One gave an expanded reading of the opening line, saying that the phrase “Hallowed be thy name” is better understood as a plea for God himself to make his name holy again. The phrase the commentary used was “vindicate your holy name.”

    I loved the phrase, and latched on to it immediately. It set the tone for the whole piece.

  3. aly hawkins

    Holy. Smokes.

    Well done, Michael. Very good on you for not shelving it at some point during what must have been an incredibly long 13 months. For this listener, it was well worth the wait.

  4. Alex W

    I expect a chill or two down my spine when listening to pieces… but I don’t remember a time when I’ve had rolling chills every few moments,.. especially through 7+ minutes! That or it was the bumpin’ Nexo system at the church sanctuary.

  5. stick


    You should turn up the kick drum though.

    Outstanding work, Mike. You da man. I’m going to send it to all my friends and tell them I know you personally. Then I’ll be cool.

  6. Chad

    It’s a great piece, Mike. It’s real Work, with a capital “W.”

    I find the mix interesting. It’s so close sounding for an a cappella piece. There’s a touch of reverb, but it’s unusual to hear such music recorded and mixed with such clarity.

    I’d actually be interested in hearing a verbed up version, with a highly detailed hall on it.

    My goodness. The chaos section is powerful. Wow. Thrilling. Sorry, I’m listening as I type.

  7. michael Post author

    I think the mix is maybe me being a little too precious with what I wrote. I wanted the harmonies to have a lot of clarity.

    If I have more time, I might go back in and ride it a bit, to give more verb on the epic stacks, and less on the quick movements.

  8. michael Post author

    Originally Posted By Chad
    My goodness. The chaos section is powerful. Wow. Thrilling.

    The fancy-schmancy composer word for that is “aleatoric”. It means the same thing as “chaos”, but it makes us seem more elitist and unemployable.

  9. George

    Moving, and at the same time, arresting. Well done.

    (Only suggestion: more cowbell)

  10. Devin

    This would make awesome use of a good and proper surround sound environment! Localization separation allows for incredible clarity of vocal harmony, while lending thematic textural and spatial possibilities…

  11. michael Post author

    No. Life is sucking every last ounce of joy from my soul right now, so I have nothing left to give to the blog.

  12. michael Post author

    I will be. Gretchen got home yesterday, so that helps immensely. I lose all perspective when she’s away.

  13. corey

    sorry, Mike. First beer’s on me next thursday night. I’ll just need Chad to bring them and Rosy to open them with his lighter. But after that, first beer’s on me, bro.

  14. michael Post author

    You’re a champ, chump.

    I sooooo need to play with you guys again. I need a reminder of who I am and what I do.

  15. corey

    Interesting that you feel like you’ve lost that. All kidding aside, it’s a crappy place to be. I’m really sorry.

  16. michael Post author

    Yeah, it sucks. Managing people and their expectations of me has eaten up all of my energy. Nothing saps my will to live quicker than having to deal with people.

    I would like to live on a mountain top and think thinky thoughts, and write music, and have my loving wife and children bring me sandwiches.

    I suffer under the delusion that I ought to be allowed to do the things I am good at, and that ought to be enough.

  17. Scott Ryan

    just heard the piece prof. brilliant work. i guess behind that aloof, condescending, “teacher, but not really a teacher” nonchalance, you are as calculated and meticulous a perfectionist as the rest of us. i knew those sunglasses were hiding something.

  18. michael Post author

    Thanks, Scott. I pretend not to care because it keeps students from bugging me for help. I’m condescending because I actually am better than all of you. I wear the sunglasses because I’m usually hung-over.

  19. Ant hony Maglione

    Michael, it was wonderful working with you on “Our Father Vindicate” all those years ago. What has been keeping you busy? Also, I seem to remember there being talk of some video footage or something regarding the use of that new conducting-recording software. Did that ever happen? Send me an email. Let’s catch up.


    Anthony Maglione (your tenor 1)

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