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Hey there, roadsters. I need some help.

I’m finishing up the final edits and mix on “Our Father, Vindicate”, and I’m having a hard time deciding on the final ending solo. I have three options from 2 different singers, and I’m looking for input on which to choose. Take a listen to all three (the clips are about a minute each), and then tell me which ending solo (the very last phrase) you think is the best fit.

Try to ignore volume and reverb, and focus just on the vocal itself.

Here are the three options:

Option A

Option B

Option Salty

Option 4

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

20 thoughts on “Audio Auditions

  1. Laurie Geyer

    So, sorry I’m a bit confused, but all three solos are the same except the voice is different, correct? If that’s the case, I think I go with #1, it’s striking. :)

  2. Brent Gary

    Hi Mike, nice harmonies! I think Options A and Salty are the same voice and prefer the energy and power in that voice over Option B. I also like the tempo/rhythm of Options B and Salty, which sounded the same to me.

    My final answer: from a musical/composition standpoint, I prefer Option Salty. For vocal performance, I thought Option A was the cleanest and smoothest.

    My 2 cents,

  3. Kayla

    Ok so first I’m musically illiterate second they all kind of sounded the same but the first one struck me and stands out to me so I would say A

  4. Brent

    @michael – Will you walk us through your thought process as to how you came up with the final? Which way were you leaning before you solicited comments? How did the comments help or hinder your decision?!

  5. michael Post author

    I had three different singers sing the solo, and didn’t get what I really wanted. I wanted power, a little bit of desperation, and I wanted it to last for an eternity. It’s the plaintive cry of the penitent sinner before the throne of judgment.

    I finally just set up a mic and sang it myself.

    I am not a very good impartial judge of my own singing. I posted the examples to see if what I sang was passable. As long as it was close between Brent and I (Brent sang option B), I was going to choose option A. If it was a strong sense that it wasn’t good, then I would go another direction.

    Between the comments here, on facebook, and over IM, enough people liked “A” that I feel comfortable using it.

    The final mix of the entire piece is posted here.

  6. Michelle Moore

    OK, I just listened to this…several times. Oh My Gosh!
    It’s incredible!!! Reminded me of a beautiful musical piece I once sang…can’t remember the name of it, but since you’re the music pro here, it had a song in it called, “Maker of Heaven” (and of earrr rr rr rr ethhh) Yeah, you have no idea what I’m talkin’ about do you. It also had “Kyrie-elieson” …I am sooo not a music expert or speller…
    (sp.?) Anyway, it reminded me of a much more complicated version of it, very haunting in the end. And it could know Jesus Christ Superstar right out of the grave with that last belt! Heck, I even accepted Jesus, and I already thought I had! Really impressed. :)

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