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I’m building an awesome new blog for our very own June Steckler, and I’m looking around for a design program that won’t cost me $500. When I do my own stuff, I usually just hand-code stuff with CSS and HTML, but that won’t work for what she wants. I need some actually pretty pretty.

I realize that the right thing to do at this point is sub-contract to an actual designer, but I’m working in trade for original awesome artwork, and I’m not sure I can really offer somebody 1/3 of a painting.

Anybody use anything on a mac that they really like for web design, that is either cheap or free?

2 thoughts on “Blogging Software

  1. Zack

    I’ve been using Rapidweaver for the Mac for years. I love it. In addition to some really tasteful templates, you can hand-code just about anything, as it allows full access to all the HTML, etc.

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