4 thoughts on “A Softer World: The Cure

  1. Cerise

    This reminds me of a group I’ve found called Icarus Project – a group that advocates against the instant medicating of functioning (and nonfunctioning, if they’re in a tight group of friends) people living with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Mostly they seem to believe that it’s possible to view mental illnesses such as those as gifts – great gifts of heightened creativity, which medication would surely dampen. I think they organized especially to advocate for people who are treated against their will. They admit that their relationships (which are close within this community especially) are tempestuous, but the benefits of accepting their ‘outside the norm’ minds are legion. I noted that some members do alleviate their symptoms with medication and therapy, but still find acceptance and creative power among their fellow Icaruses. Icari?

    Anyway, heightened creativity among those with mood disorders and/or mental illness is documented, and perhaps taking away the crazy does indeed take away creative fire as well. I don’t personally feel any less creative after having accepted treatment for Bipolar II, but then my biggest problem with creative work as a bipolar is almost instant and crippling frustration when trying to do anything (puts a real pall on creativity, which requires concentration and at least some patience, right?), which medication has dampened. Puts Lamictal in the plus column for me, at least for now.

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