So…while we’re waiting for Michael to…

So…while we’re waiting for Michael to post about his “Malibu Experience” and Chad’s review of Terminator: Salvation (or “What McG Doesn’t F*&%ing Understand About Movie-Making”), I thought I’d post something for the Roadies’ viewing pleasure.

It takes a minute to load…but it’s worth it.


4 thoughts on “So…while we’re waiting for Michael to…

  1. Chad

    I needed a distraction after a long rehearsal last night, so we caught a 10pm show. It’s one of the worst major studio releases I can remember. I am / was a HUGE Terminator fan, so take my hatred with a grain of salt.

  2. Daniel Semsen

    Help me understand…and here’s the thing–I partly agree. I was actually sitting there watching it thinking to myself, “Why is this bad? What is the difference between this and Star Trek? Both are risky franchise pics–both are big budget flicks…but Trek is already a HUGE success and I don’t care much for this Terminator…”
    Help me.

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