in appreciation of music pastors

My church has been without a music pastor for two years now.  We have a lot of musical talent within the congregation and over time have figured out our lay roles to keep the program healthy and even growing.

Some weeks I am not at church between Sundays.  This week, I’ll be there about 10 hours, which for me is a lot, since I work three days per week and raising my children is the highest priority.

With that in mind, today I felt one with music pastors.  I didn’t spend hours rehearsing with the band, then the next night teaching the new tunes to the choir just so middle aged man could stare back at us.  You came to church, dude, worship!  On the other side of that coin, how humbling and awesome it was to see others worshipping to the fruits of our labor.  One last reflection: As second service came to a close, I felt, “That’s it?  Now we put these tunes away and choose a new set for next Sunday.”

However, since I am not a music pastor, I am off next Sunday.  I will likely be sleeping in and walking to church with my family.

5 thoughts on “in appreciation of music pastors

  1. Cerise

    Now a church with “You came to church, dude, WORSHIP!” on a sign out front? I’d go there. Brilliant, Sharo.

  2. sharolyn

    You should know that 99% of those with which I interact call me Sharolyn, but in the last 24 hours I have been called Shar, Shardyn (there’s a story) and Sharo by Addison Rd. folks and I find it quite endearing.

    Back to the man – I do sympathize with the poor guy whose wife dragged him to church, or whatever his story might be. But when anyone is presenting me with anything they have put effort into preparing (whether it’s a worship set, jazz solo, third grade student, anything) I find myself inwardly rooting for them. Although I realize in my head that expecting the same of everyone else is unrealistic, I am disheartened when my enthusiasm is unmatched.

    And yet, there were hundreds of others worshiping, and that was pretty awesome. As humans we just always notice the one guy, huh?…

  3. sharolyn

    You know what I think it was with him? He missed the totally rad chromaticism that was happening in my right pinky when we went from b minor to b minor/Major 7 to b minor 7 in Tommy Walker’s “All About Your Glory.” I love a good minor/Major 7 when it isn’t contrived.

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