Textbooks Suck

One other thing, while we’re on the subject of quotations and sources.

Your textbooks suck. Seriously. Your music history textbook, your church music textbook, the forward to your string pedagogy book, they all suck. Please don’t copy and paste Chapter 4 from your Baroque Music History textbook into your thesis paper and call it “research”. That’s just lazy. And also, they’re wrong.

2 thoughts on “Textbooks Suck

  1. JamesonBratcher

    They do suck… But have you seen some of the books in the theology library and music section of Marshburn at APU??

    Scholarship is one of the cornerstones… Right?

  2. michael lee Post author

    Yeah, but like most cornerstones, it hangs suspended in mid air with no visible support, and no obvious relationship to the rest of the structure.

    That’s what cornerstones are, right?

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