14 thoughts on “The Spoiler Post: Trek

  1. michael lee Post author

    Two thoughts, right off the bat.

    1. Casting was pitch perfect.

    2. I think J.J. (we’re on a first-initial basis, he and I) quite deftly cut himself loose from trek history, and opened up this prequel franchise to go where he wanted to go. He had to find a way to put characters in harms way, in actual jeopardy, in a world where we all know which characters survive. I think he handled it pretty deftly, even giving a little nod to the fact that he was cheating with Kirk’s dialog with Spock prime.

  2. Chad

    I had a great time. I’m gonna see it again.

    It’s not my most favoritest ever movie-movie. Movie-movies are like those movies that you have to Be There to see, that define a summer. It was not “The Dark Knight.”

    I’d say the movie most likely to capture the public’s imagination this year will be James Cameron’s first film in 12 years, December’s 3D Imax Extravaganza, “Avatar.”

  3. michael lee Post author

    I’m going again with Gretchen when she gets back.

    I think the movie is perfectly targeted at the casual fan, who knows the characters and the catch phrases, but doesn’t speak Klingon.

  4. JamesonBratcher

    The movie was one of the most exciting I have seen in a while with not a moment wasted! I too was greatly impressed withhow J.J. managed to liberate himself and thus gain the characters he wanted without having to follow the rules that episode citing trekies would have held him to.

    My only concern is that Spock’s dillema between humanity and vulcanism was too forefront answered too early. It seems to me that Kirk and Spock used to complete each other but now Spock has some of the tendencies Kirk had. This may stunt some character development down the road.

    Great film I plan in seeing again. First time was with 1 fan and 3 newbies, next time will be with a trekie!

  5. aly hawkins

    Ash and I are moving (yes, again) so we didn’t see it until last night. We caught the late show after getting up at 6 for church, painting our new living room and schlepping some of our crap to and fro. We were afraid we might not be able to stay awake. Ha!

    My only question is this: What the hell is it with J.J. and time travel? That guy has some kind of fetish.

  6. michael lee Post author

    Massive geek out:

    Does anyone remember if the black hole formed in the movie was rotating or not? So far, the only theory for using a black hole for time travel relies on a rotating black hole, not a static one. A static one has a singularity at the center, where all the laws of physics collapse and a big honking spaceship quickly turns into a duck wearing a tuxedo, then explodes. A rotating black hole might (possibly) have a vacant center that you could actually travel through to another point in space-time.

    I can’t exactly remember from the movie, but I think it was static, not rotating. And that was the only thing in the entire move that was scientifically implausible, obviously.

    OK, the geek out is over.

  7. Anthony

    So, our youth director, who’s never seen a “Star Track” episode in her life had one question I couldn’t answer after we walked out of the theater.
    “How did the Enterprise get from Iowa to outer space?”

    I feel like this is a valid question. Geeks, any thoughts?

  8. michael lee Post author

    Ummmm … she does know that it’s a space ship, right? It has engines and everything!

    Actually, according to canon, the ship was only constructed in pieces on earth (in San Francisco, not in Iowa), and the pieces were ferried to an orbiting space station for final assembly.

  9. michael lee Post author

    Yeah, JJ took some liberties with that.

    My guess is that space fairies wished it into space, using their Quidditch wands and a sprinkle of adamantium dust.

  10. Daniel Semsen

    The black hole WAS rotating.

    I know because I’ve seen it twice already…

    Lordy bagordy, it’s glorious…

    music-geek comment: I actually DID NOT like the music first time around. I warmed up to it a bit 2nd time. I was sad that the theme from the 80′s-90′s Trek was abandoned and only the theme from the original 60′s Trek was used in the end credits.

  11. harmonicminer

    As an old trekkie, I suppose I’ll have to go see them trash the legend. I used to go to Star Trek conventions. I didn’t wear the costumes (well, not very often), but I went with people who did. I had dinner with Shatner and Nimoy, one of those contest things, about the only drawing I ever won. Nimoy is much nicer.

    As you probably know, there is an enormous library of Trek books that have tried to stay true to the backstory, but it sounds like this movie may have done the same thing to the Trek legend, that Smallville has done to Superman.

    Oh well, my adolescence is now officially over.

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