9 thoughts on “P2-ossibilities?

  1. Anthony

    look at that, wordpress was only beat out by facebook and twitter with this idea.

    of course, Addison Road should go this way… it was a great idea when every other social network went this direction, why not the blogosphere?

  2. Zack

    Anthony wins, for the “Most Wholesome Gravatar On Addison Road”.

    (My last Gravatar was a photo of me high on ecstasy, so I know all about wholesome)

  3. sharolyn

    I don’t know Anthony, but have thought (before tonight) that this is the cutest, happiest Gravatar ever.

    I actually understood the P2 video and it looks super cool.

  4. Nick

    I’m gonna say this now because I may never get to say it again. How ’bout those Texas Rangers??

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