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  1. michael lee Post author

    Hardy Har Har.

    now where did I put that “Ban” button …

    I actually don’t know which award. We’ve all been invited to a hoity-toity lunch thingy, where the winners will be announced. If I don’t win, I’m guessing I never find out which award.

    Personally, I think it’s probably the award for “Best Use of Technology to Avoid Actual Classroom Teaching”.

  2. june

    Are you going to plaster on a forced, deeply pained smile and avoid looking directly at the camera if they don’t call your name?

  3. sharolyn

    Mike, in the midst of all this joking, it needs to be said that you are worth any award they are offering and this “Roadhouse” is proud!

  4. Leonard


    When accepting awards there are three (the holy number of points) things to remember.

    Little people are important – they are easier to step on as you rise like a Phoenix into your glory… you can group them as you thank them too…”I would like to thank all the little people.”

    The wrong joke about your wife in a public forum and you will need that book “My Lover is Mine” for a season.

    “Thank you” is a better response to nice words and awards than “it is about freaking time” or “damn straight” or shouting down the other faculty with “whose your daddy” and “I owned you.”

    At the end where you thank God, it is much more believable if you cry a little bit. If you cannot muster a tear, try to yank a nose hair, it will make your eyes water. (this was not a “thing to remember” so we are still at three. Since I am a preacher, this is considered my conclusion.)

    Oh and by the way, congrats!

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