Mac Business Software?

Hey, Roadies.

I need a little help. My wife’s awesome floral design business keeps growing (huzzah!) and our current system of accounting (legal pads, hastily scrawled notes, tax records sent in on hello kitty stationary) is no longer sufficient.

I’m looking for a way to manage her business finance that will work on a Mac. Some of the more popular choices (QuickBooks Online, etc.) are for PC only (insert snarky “PC’s are for business” comment here). I know several of you are self-employed, income-producing type persons with several of the same businessy needs that we have, so I’d like to know what you use. I need to find something that does the following:

  • Manages basic cash-method accounting, with no inventory.
  • Sync’s with online backing from World Savings Bank, er Washington Mutual, uh WacoviaOne World Federal Freedom-First OmniBank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. Treasury.
  • Prints and tracks invoices.
  • Simplifies tax accounting for both self-employed taxes and sales taxes (on a per-county basis would be great, since her weddings take place all over the state).
  • MUST run on Mac! Online version would be great, but install software is fine too.

Any “Huzzah, use this!” or “Stay away, do not go to there” advice to pass along?

12 thoughts on “Mac Business Software?

  1. Jeremy Hunt

    Quickbooks is your best option. And yes, they do mac a mac version. In fact they recently updated it for Leopard. Looks pretty solid. The few people I know that use it on Mac have zero complaints.

    I currently run quickbooks for windows via Fusion on my mac because I have online payroll that only works with pc. A hold out from my PC only days. All in all this is a very simple solution as well.

  2. corey

    I’ve been using QuickBooks Pro for years now and I shudder every time I have to open it or use it. It sucks balls. (Glad your experience is different, Jeremy.) And I have paid for the asinine upgrades one too many times. In our experience, QBP is essentially a PC app that has been ported over to Mac. BUT, it still runs like a PC piece of software. So… crappy.

    Beth and I are probably gonna switch to “Money” soon since the business is small.

    Try this:

  3. Stick

    See, I find my like or dislike of my accounting software has a lot to do with the cash in-flows column’s amount. Most days I’m not that crazy about it.

  4. Chris Cox

    I use Quickbooks for Mac. It’s awful. I’m kinda married to it now though, at least until I have the time/money to go buy another accounting program. Had I to do it again, I would use Microsoft office. No joke.

  5. michael lee Post author

    Corey, I actually went to the apple site first and flipped through the pages and pages of apps. None seem to fit what I’m looking for.

    Money looks great, but it’s not really set up for the whole tax thing. That’s one of the biggies for me.

    G has to collect sales tax from her clients, and turn it over to the state. The amount of sales tax changes from city to city, county to county. That’s fine if your business is just a local shop that never moves, but if you’re doing 3 events in 3 different counties , there’s a different formula for figuring sales tax in each one.

    What we really need is a program that does that automatically, that can calculate it for each invoice based on city / county, that can generate a tax record for us when it comes time to turn the collected money over to the state board.

    Also, just to stay consistent with every other post I’ve written on this topic, the invasion of the government into commerce is a serious burden to small business owners. In addition to the taxes that have to be paid, small business owners have to spend countless hours calculating, collecting, and reporting those taxes. It’s a huge hidden cost to starting a business.

  6. Mike Cathey

    I know a lot of people who swear by MYOB for the Mac (FirstEdge). I know someone else who uses Moneyworks Cashbook and likes it. Steer clear of any and all Quckbooks/Intuit/Quicken products like the PLAGUE!

  7. Mike Cathey

    Just checked with my friend… MYOB will do the Sales Ta tracking/reporting you are needing.

  8. michael lee Post author

    Sorry Mike, this got caught by the spam tracker. Apparently flooding the comments with the names of software programs is some kind of spam trigger. Who knew!

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