Handy Doc

I’m off to see the doctor this morning. My right hand and forearm have been going numb, I get stabbing pains if I try to do anything grasping or turning with it. My hand strength is down to abut 50% of normal, and I’m really struggling to play piano.

Chris, if you happen to read this, ignore everything I just said, I’ll totally be at the recording session later this week, and you should totally still pay me cash money for my awesome piano playing. Also, on an unrelated note, how does the artist feel about slowing every song down by like 50 clicks?

18 thoughts on “Handy Doc

  1. Zack

    Um, scary? Hope all is well, dude. If you need me to follow you around and slap people for you, just ask. Slappity slap slap.

  2. michael lee Post author

    Everyone who has tendinitis and carpal tunnel, raise your hand. Now slowly lower your hand to your lap and weep silently from the pain.

    So, the diagnosis is two overlapping sets of symptoms, the shooting pain from tendinitis, the numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome. The doc put me on a wrist brace and anti-inflammatory meds to help with the tendinitis. He says that’s most likely being caused by overworking the hand (no jokes, I’m serious Zack). In a week or so, that should go away and we can see what the remaining status of the carpal tunnel is, and if we need to start treating it.

    Uggh. I hate feeling like my livelihood is tied up in these few fragile strands of nerve and sinew.

  3. Julie Beveridge

    Well praise GOD it was nothing more serious, like a muscle disconnection or major shoulder problems, or anything like oh I don’t know a heart problem. These things can be fixed, trust me have had it done. The bad news is that these are also symptoms of getting older (sorry man). The other thought I had is maybe you have home improvement wrist/hand/arm, and you need to take it easy. You know a surgeon who works with his precious hands would never do home improvements on his own. Just a thought. Will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Daniel Semsen

    Sorry man. I sometimes feel like I’m slowly losing my hearing and will eventually lose the ability to make/hear music. It sucks…on so many levels.

  5. michael lee Post author

    Julie, a surgeon probably has financial options that a lowly piano player doesn’t. We can’t really afford to have other people do our work for us just yet.

  6. aly hawkins

    I’m so sorry, Mikle. I will be praying for you. Look forward to a good report in a couple weeks. At which time you can go back to punch-heavy bar fights and competitive mouse clicking.

  7. Julie Beveridge

    Well I know you cannot afford to hire someone, but perhaps, maybe slow down a bit for awhile to see if it helps.

  8. Gretchen

    Ah honey, everyone’s arms go numb from the elbow down. Especially when sleeping, blow drying their hair, carrying around children…no? Oh crap.

  9. Zack

    Sharolyn wins. Just click “Settings”, then “Arms”, then uncheck the box next to “Make My Arms Numb As F*ck”.

    Then do a master reboot just to be sure. (I can help with that. It involves a gallon of whiskey)

  10. JC

    Mike: I have discovered that playing hockey at age 57 apparently can cause tendonitis (elbow). I can barely grab a carton of milk out the fridge with my left hand without dropping it before it makes it to the table. On a related note, my slap-shot is as good as it was when I was 20! All the Doc said was take anti-inflammatories?….what else?…I’ve been doing that!

  11. michael lee Post author

    I generally don’t go to the doctor unless something is hanging out of me, but I got really scared when I reached down to lift up my son, and almost dropped him to the floor.

    I have a wrist brace that I wear 6 hours a day or so, and I take the anti-inflammatory pill once in the morning, and then again in the evening if the pain gets bad. Three days in, and it’s starting to feel better. I have a huge session tomorrow morning, so that will be the real test. I’ll bring a whole case of Motrin with me, and maybe some of Gretchen’s old Vicodine.

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