ProTip: How to Not Be A Racist

Today’s protip is brought to you by a guy wearing $200 designer jeans and a hipster trucker cap:

In the Home Depot parking lot, the day laborers will come up to you and offer to work. Don’t just walk up to the first Mexican you see and ask him to come pour some concrete. Especially if that guy is holding two cans of paint and a receipt.

3 thoughts on “ProTip: How to Not Be A Racist

  1. Chad

    I know a guy who’s hispanic, and operates a very successful underground construction company. No, not underground like indie, underground like pluming. He works on large, and I mean large homes and corporate offices.

    He has a great sense of humor. The company that he bought, and now runs, was called SME, which was the previous owner’s girlfriend’s initials or some such. Well, Aaron thought, there’s already a known commodity called SME, so he just had the company legally renamed as “Small Mexican Enterprises.” He stands all of about 5’6.

    Like I said, a great sense of self and sense of humor.

    He lives in a fairly ritzy area of the Conejo Valley, and regularly washes his collection of freakin’ awesome cars in his front driveway. He has a totally tricked out VW bus, with wood paneling and all this cool stuff.

    He tells me that regularly, even though he’s lived in this neighborhood for years, he has people stopping and asking him how much he charges for carwashes.

    Aaaaah suburbia!

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