Swing, Baby, Swing

Sharolyn sent this to me, asking me to tuck it away into a quiet little comment beneath this post. I will not. It is too awesome, and requires it’s own special place in blog history.

Ladies and Gentleman (Hey Bobby!), I give you “Sharolyn’s Husband, and His Mighty Band Of Swing” performing Pennsylvania 6-5000.


12 thoughts on “Swing, Baby, Swing

  1. Daniel Semsen

    My hat is off to all grade school music teachers…

    I interviewed Steve Bartek for a grad school class last year, and he got his start playing flute in grade school band. Although I’m sure there were many, many other influences in his life between grade school flautist and becoming head orchestrator for Danny Elfman, we all start somewhere.

    For me, it was alto sax.

    Thank you, Mrs. Hembree.

  2. michael lee

    Man, my school experiences with music were soooooooo bad I’m a little amazed that I emerged with my love of music still intact.

  3. sharolyn

    Here two of my thoughts:

    -I love that the beginning roll-off has nothing to do with the remaining tempo of the song.

    -Oh, there’s the oboe he told me about.

  4. aly hawkins

    I listened to this with a big, stupid grin on my face. The Dueling Clarinets are my favorite part—though a very close second is The Opposite of the Sound of One Hand Clapping.

    Made my day.

  5. sharolyn

    easyparteasypartyeasypart h a r d p a r t easyparteasyparteasypart

    Mike, please don’t take this as me correcting you, just that I am too proud… these are actually fifth graders who had never touched an instrument in August and only see Jason once each week (that’s if they don’t have band on Mondays).

    Our middle schoolers have played the likes of Rhapsody in Blue, with an eighth grade clarinetist who could do the opening gliss that I could never do. Such a mixture of envy and cheerleading when I heard her.

    The middle school jazz players improvise very respectable solos. We went to a dinner fund raiser accompanied by them, and I actually really enjoyed their music (not just because I was supposed to).

    It’s pretty easy to be passionate about our programs and willing to fight for their funding right now. I would love for someone to hear these kids, look them in the eye, and vote NO.

    (sound of Sharolyn getting off her soap box and dragging it away…)

  6. sharolyn

    Sorry – I should mention our city will be voting on a Parcel Tax on June 2. $233 per parcel for four years, to make up for the money the state won’t be giving us. The two issues closest to my family are music and class size reduction (20 students/1 teacher).

  7. michael lee Post author

    Sharolyn, you should be proud. This is very cool to hear. I’ve wished a thousand times that I had teachers like you and Jason to influence me when I was growing up.

    My school experiences with music were simply awful, at every level.

  8. sharolyn

    Mike, that is sad and amazing that your experiences were so awful. How did “you” happen??

    If anyone wants their Save Pleasanton Schools boxer shorts, here you go.

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