The phone number? Pennsylvania 6-5000.

So, my husband worked with a realtor in Idaho who has no e-mail.  Jason said when he was there, a man walked in, paid cash for his rent, and the businessman hand-wrote him a receipt.

9 thoughts on “The phone number? Pennsylvania 6-5000.

  1. michael lee

    Was Jason’s title deed also handwritten? If so, you might want to double check on that.

  2. Sharolyn Post author

    LOL! It is all quite legit. I mean, they headed over to the mercantile and the guy bought him an ale and everything.

    (Something’s telling me this guy doesn’t have Google Latitude on his kids.)

  3. sharolyn

    Bought and sold.

    We lost 25%, which in Idaho is $83. No, I’m kidding. Jason says he has a blog response in his head that he will execute when he is done gigging, which feels like it might be perhaps mid-Fall? I can’t hold a candle to his insights on real estate.

  4. Sharolyn's Husband

    My thoughts were…
    that it would be hard to overstate how old school this guy is/. It appealed to me that he did not have an email address and he hand wrote a lot of his stuff. He really knows his properties. Although he could have been a little bit more efficient if he wasn’t still using an apple IIE. I

    My other thought is that we used to own property in Idaho because NOTHING is more important than cash flow when purchasing investment property. Idaho was kind of like my college tuition for the course on real estate investment.

    Another lesson…if the seller has misrepresented the rents and the seller has left out the the water bill is the owners’ responsibility after you have made an offer, adjust your offer.

    Also on a different note…my 5th grade honor band is performing an arrangement (reimagination?) of Pennsylvania 6-5000. It is the most square version you have ever heard. Until the key change…then it is just uncomfortable.

  5. Sharolyn Post author

    My personal vote is for the fifth graders to swing. It’s March, it’s honor band… they’re ready to take off the training wheels of written rhythm and soar down Swing Mountain.

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