ProTip: Phone Interviews

Addison Road proudly presents today’s “Getting Hired” ProTip:

If you respond to an ad for a paid position, and you and person hiring for the position agree to conduct a phone interview at a certain time, and you don’t answer the phone at that agreed upon time, and instead let the phone call go to voicemail, where your outgoing message is mostly just you and your frat buddies belching into the phone, you’re not getting the job.

Today’s ProTip has been brought to you by not one, but TWO of the candidates on my phone interview list for today.

6 thoughts on “ProTip: Phone Interviews

  1. michael lee Post author

    Don’t bother. We filled the positions with a combination of multi-band compressors and powerpoint auto-timing. I foresee no possible problems with this solution.

  2. Daniel Semsen

    That’s what I would have done anyway in about 10 minutes time…and then just facebook chatted with my peeps for the remainder of…well…forever.

  3. harmonicminer

    I auditioned to sing lead in a rock group once, about 1971, on the strength of a picture of me and my red hyper-afro.

    Unbelievably, they offered me the gig. But I didn’t want to tour for a year and miss school.

    Goes to show what I knew.

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