Mixing Metaphors on iTunes

Well, the fruit of our labor is available for general consumption.  

I invite any and all of you who cannot come to the CD release show on March 7th to go and invest your $9.90 in our record.  It’s a really good work, and we’re proud of it, and we think it’s worthy of your dollars and your listening attention.  

If you do like it, how about a review?  

Blessings to all of you.

9 thoughts on “Mixing Metaphors on iTunes

  1. michael lee

    No worries, man. I got your back. That’s what friends do.

    Also, friends show up on Wednesday loaded on Percocet, ready to help move large pieces of wooden furniture up a too-narrow stair case.

  2. Eric

    I recommend taking out a window and the second floor and hoisting large wooden furniture up with ropes…saves wall repair.

    I do like the idea of prophylactic Percocet.

  3. Bobby

    You could always do what we do here in the Village and remove an upstairs window to load in the queen-size box spring. Apparently 90 years ago they didn’t have beds. Or they were smaller.

  4. Ash

    Mike, Mike, Mike,

    It’s not friends who show up to move heavy objects, rather, it’s grades “D” and “F” students.

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