5 thoughts on “The Dailies @ Genghis Cohen

  1. Chad

    I’d say we were at least 2/3rds as good. :)

    These are really, really cool, Zack. It means a lot to us.

  2. michael lee Post author

    March 7th, Hotel Cafe.

    The Dailies are playing with two other bands that you will definitely want to hear: Eliz Rickman and Jen & Abby. Come early, stay late, rock out, just be sure you mention “The Dailies” when you pay your cover charge.

    This is the gig to hit, for sure.

  3. june

    mmmm….luv these…beautiful, vibey black and whites are like chocolate and coffee. To me. Really nice work Zack!
    Cool boots Erica.

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