20 thoughts on “173 Highland

  1. Sharolyn

    June, get out of my head. I, too, thought: “Why yes, I think I would.”

    Is there room for negotiating on the furniture? Because my painted-desks-coffee-tables and Jason’s childhood dresser would look quite silly.

  2. Gretchen

    I thought the same thing Sharolyn . The furniture is perfect, especially in the main rooms. Wow. It’ll be fun walking through it and pretending. Kind of like I used to do at the Dunsmir House in Oakland. Been there? Go at Christmas, it’s all decorated and gorgeous!

  3. Sharolyn

    Gretchen, we do have that in common. Maybe when our girls are some years older we can take them there together. :)

  4. Gretchen

    Really, really, really, really pretty. The lights are what kept inspiring me from room to room. The current owners have chosen really nice period pieces and the whole house just has that “wow” factor. It’s going to be great for somebody. A very rich somebody :)

  5. Gretchen

    yes please. Once we know our exact closing day (no it was NOT today,boo) we’ll have a pretty good plan/layout (my dad is in town :))and can send that info out. Thank you! I’d love to hang, see you, have you see our new hang…

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