President Potty Mouth

So, swears are funny, right? Of course! And swears are more funny the more dignified the person is who is swearing, right? Well, obviously. Zack swearing = funny. My mother-in-law swearing = hilarious (or terrifying, depending on the context).

So what would be the funniest of all possible swears ever? The President of the United States, dropping f-bombs and the N-word all up in the hizzy! What’s that you say? You’d like to hear such a thing? Well, scoot on over to April Winchell’s site, and take a listen. I would give the preemptive NSFW warning, but that’s kind of the point, right?

Now, I give you all exactly 4 days, and then I expect to hear some phat jam remixes going on up in here!

16 thoughts on “President Potty Mouth

  1. rach

    Sure, it’s kind of funny. I actually think bleeps are funnier–I mean, come on, Mother*bleep*ers.

  2. michael lee Post author

    Nope. The only connection is that they wanted me to give them this domain name, as well as my ASCAP publishing name. I politely declined.

    We both arrived at the name at different times, in different ways, no connection.

  3. sharolyn

    I know exactly how you feel. At school we have a barbershop quartet called The Pleasantones. While at the Christmas tree lighting downtown, a coquettish group of women in Santa garb took the stage and presented THEMSELVES as The Pleasantontones! (GASP!)

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