The Ongoing Dailies Production Blogging Experience

Still at it!  

Go read it.  This one’s kinda cool, I think.

Also, in case you’re not someone whose in my Facebook or MySpace loop, and if you’d like to be, feel free to email us at, we’re excited to announce our official CD release show has been booked at The Hotel Cafe on February 28th @ 11pm.  We’re over the moon at the invitation to play there.  Hope you can come if you’re in the greater L.A. area.  Come see Mike and Corey (and Dana and Rosy) ripping it up with us.  

I know this is a bit desperate, but seriously go read it, or at least follow the link and then don’t read it.  I want to make sure we’re top ranked on Google, as I’ve started to work the intertubes in earnest, emailing music blogs and media sites.  

Thanks, roadies.

6 thoughts on “The Ongoing Dailies Production Blogging Experience

  1. michael lee

    If you’re gonna push that blog, you need to get a real designer to overhaul it for you. I cringe every time I see what I hacked together for you.

  2. corey

    By the way, any of the Addison Roadsters would do themselves a favor to come to the collection of upcoming Dailies gigs. The rehearsal last night felt really great and the music takes on a whole new life. Not only has it been 6 months of growth in social, musical, and physical progress. (I, for one, am much much wiser- did anyone else notice?) But it all takes on a rather organic feel since we’re limited to the number of audio signals that each member can contribute on his/her own.

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