16 thoughts on “I Have A Dream

  1. aly hawkins

    Speaking of which…did anyone else see the Bon Jovi cover yesterday of “A Change Is Gonna Come”? My thought: I have a dream of you sticking with “Living on a Prayer” and leaving Sam Cooke in peace.

  2. aly hawkins

    Barack-Stock @ the Lincoln Memorial. There were several highlights — the Marine Band playing Copland’s “Lincoln Portrait” while Tom Hanks read excerpts from his speeches; Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen leading the 400K+ crowd in ALL the verses of “This Land Is Your Land”; Mary J. rocking “Lean On Me” — but Bon Jovi was not one of them.

  3. Chad

    I was elated to hear U2 play my favorite song… “City of Blinding Lights,” and then annoyed as Bono messed with it and skipped the killer bridge.

  4. corey

    So Bon Jovi hasn’t crossed over into the list of All Things USA yet? You know, like apple pie, baseball, Richie Sambora inebriated…

  5. Zack

    This morning, I drove to the office elated. I kept shaking my head, saying out loud to myself, “big day”. It was beautiful this morning; 75 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. The feeling of my lungs expanding felt Big and New and Fulfilling and Wonderful. Seems like every radio station was playing Obama’s inaugural speech, and I was hanging on every word. I planned on staying in my car until it ended, but it was short, to the point, and oh-so-sweet. (Man, he sure do talk purty) He ended just as I was pulling up to my office.

    Unfortunately, the 2-day-a-week client who I’ve worked for for several years is a die-hard, internet-believing Republican. The second I walked in the office I was greeted with a tired voice saying, “You must be happy today, huh?”.

    “Sure, I’m happy. It’s a beautiful day.”

    I didn’t try to engage him on a political level. There is no engaging a man who believes Global Warming is a scare tactic, orchestrated by the Liberal Media. (really) I just walked past him, to my office, and started working.

    Throughout the day, I had to listen to mindless, short-sighted, downright mean bullshit spew out of this guys mouth. He’s the proprietor of 3 failing businesses, with enough cash in the bank to last until April – yet, instead of embracing a true aura of change and inspiration, he asked me to design some Anti-Obama t-shirts he wants to sell on CafePress. Financially and politically defeated, and his thoughts turned to callous name-calling, and racial epitaphs. He’d rather spend his remaining dollars carving a deeper crevasse between his colleagues, than offer up his own “Change”, and save his legacy – 25 years of business in the film industry.

    I left the office disgusted. Once more in my car, I noticed every station was covering the inaugural events. I turned off the radio, and just sat in traffic.

    It was just a sad day for me. Too many people with too many skewed perspectives. I include myself in that statement. I too have been wrapped up in my own political and social ideals. I too have trumpeted the arrival of change, knowing full well I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS EXACTLY. I’m afraid that wide-eyed idealism will be our generations’ legacy. I’m afraid that the problems that plague this country are insurmountable, and any man who fails to correct them will be forever vilified; The Liar and The Thief, The Prophet Who Fails. I’m afraid Americans have dug their own political and social moats too deep, that they can no longer extend a hand to their neighbor, for fear of falling in.

    I’m all for hope. I’m all for change. But I’m scared to death.

    …and Aretha’s hat isn’t helping ease my fears.

  6. Chad


    Is it ok that I think Obama is a mere human? I think he is a gifted and decent man, with whom I agree on certain issues and disagree on others. :)

    I like the way he treats his wife, at least as far as I can tell through the prism of the media. I hope and pray that he’s a good president, and that he will be judged fairly.

  7. Zack

    Escrow rapes the soul.

    Like I said, Mike – if and when you need someone to drown your sorrows with, I’m only a phone call and a designated driver away.

  8. Chad

    Can I make a recommendation? I’d advise becoming hopeless with money so that your spouse takes it over from you.

    I have no bad memories from escrow!

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