16 thoughts on “Branford Marsalis Thinks You Suck

  1. Rach

    Ah yes, the infantilizing of America, where we get an lollipop for pooping in the potty and never get past that stage where we expect praise for our crap.

  2. sharolyn

    Harry Connick Junior has said that Ellis Marsalis, Brandford’s father, would not teach him jazz until Harry had memorized whatever Bach invention he had been assigned for that week. Also, once I watched Wynton teach a group of kids the morning after a late-night gig in Oakland. What respect I have for this family’s influence!

  3. sharolyn

    Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley.
    15 years old.
    Mustard colored suede boots to match the jacket.

    After the large audience left (we waited quite a while), the late, great Kenny Kirkland patiently answered my elementary questions about “voicings” and even wrote some down. It kills me that I don’t still have that paper. Later, in college, I saw him with The Tonight Show band and wanted to thank him. The guard wouldn’t let me. He died in 1998. Still… thank you, Kenny, and musicians who take the time to invest in future musicians. Even if you sometimes think they suck.

  4. sharolyn

    No problem. I was trying to figure out what jokes you were resisting. That’s because my mind is so pure.

  5. Chad

    in that pic, you look totally fresh faced and innocent, and he looks like the cat who’s about to eat the canary, if you know what I mean….

  6. sharolyn

    I noticed Branford is at Catalina’s March 24-28 if anyone is interested.

    I am trying to see him in SF on the 29th, even though it is the Sunday night before our craziest performance week of the year. I don’t really have anyone obvious to go with. When I was listing the companions I would like, Jason suggested it would be a spectacular weekend for Aly to visit…

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