Three Cheers for Sully

Forgive me for jumping on this bandwagon, but I want to post my praise for Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III.  

This dude landed a crippled jetliner in a near freezing river in the middle of the most populous city in America, and everyone walked away.  Everyone.  

I get all charged up watching people who are good at their job.  I know nothing about the man.  He may be a terrible father, husband, co-worker, or human being.  What I do know is that he’s damn good at his job, and that meant that 155 people get to go home with a hell of a story to tell, and a new lease on life.

America needed a hero yesterday.  We really did.  I needed a hero.  It’s all crap and doom and gloom and who will save us and pooh pooh this and blame that.   Half the country is betting the farm that Obama can save them and the other half is terrified that he’s going to throw the throttle full speed ahead into that iceberg.  

Obama’s not the solution, kids.  Sully is.  Sully and every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sally, Janie, and Nancy who are just out there doing their thing, and doing it well.  Sully makes me want to say, without a hint of irony, that I am ecstatic about being an American today.  Sully makes me want to be better at my job.  


(go on… say it… don’t be shy.  say it out loud.  dude landed in a river.)

HOOORAY!!!  Repeat 2x.  

Thanks, Sully.

12 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Sully

  1. Sharolyn

    Chad, I’m going to read this every day for a while. My church, my downtown, my job, which includes the school my children will attend, and my bank account are all looking more dismal than they used to. I didn’t think of it in these words until you said it, but you’re exactly right. I needed a Sully.

    He’s from Danville, about 15 miles down a beautiful road from where I live. It’s been fun to watch his small town celebrate their overnight celebrity.

    If Sully can be that good at his job, I suppose I can try to be, too.

  2. Sharolyn

    Today I took my daughter to Sully’s Welcome Home rally. Could there BE more inspiration in one week?!

    It was touching to see him with his wife and two daughters, who apparently were only allowed to miss a couple of days of high school. Sully’s wife, Laurie, praised him like the other speakers, but finished with a tearful, “This is the man who makes my tea each morning.”

    Chad, he even suggested what you mentioned, that he was just out there doing his job. What a guy… what a hero!

  3. sharolyn

    The sentence that caught my attention (regarding “octo-mom”): “It was as if “The Secret” had been made flesh”.

    As far as Sully, I have been watching the interviews and am a fan. He interviews the same way he landed the plane. He is very level-headed and yet with a bright smile and occasional wit.

    Last night I Tivo-watched the crew on Letterman. The flight attendant in the back had a much worse experience from the two up front. They were discussing how a passenger unfortunately opened a back door.

    Letterman said something like, “Did that compromise the buoyancy of the wounded aircraft?” and she said, “Yea, and it also let water into the cabin.”

    Love her.

  4. Chad

    I think the flight audio is hilarious.

    “you wanna land at LaGuardia?”
    “we’re gonna be in the Hudson.”
    “you wanna land in New Jersey?”
    “we’re gonna be in the Hudson.”
    “should we route emergency services to you?”
    “we’re gonna be in the Hudson.”

  5. sharolyn

    I would have taken the role of Chris Farley in The Chris Farley Show: “Remember that time, when the birds wrecked the plane, and you were like, ‘Brace for impact’, and everyone lived, and there was even a baby?… {long pause}…

    … … that was AWESOME!!!”

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