The Dailies – Continued Blogging on Songwriting and Production

So, I’ve quietly continued my series on the writing and creation of our new record, so tastefully reviewed by our own Zackiepoo.  

I put up another edition, but it seems like the traffic is diminished if I don’t link to it from here.  All hail the power of Addison Road.  Or something.  If you dug the first two posts, head on over to from time to time and see what we’re cooking.  This one is actually pretty interesting, as it talks about a near arranging disaster that had to be averted in the 11th hour.  

We’re getting some traction on gigs, so if you live in the L.A. area and want to hear us with the band, your time is coming.  The first of these is happening on Feb 7th, at 10pm, at Room 5 on La Brea.  Hope to see you there!

P.S.  Something you should know about Zack:  I’ve discovered more music because of him than any of my other friends.  He has a nose for good stuff, and he’s a true lover of music.  While he is a friend, he’s not a sunshine-blowing sorta friend.  If he didn’t like the record, he would have remained politely silent.  Actually, he might have trashed it.  He’s a tough nut, that Zack.

9 thoughts on “The Dailies – Continued Blogging on Songwriting and Production

  1. michael lee

    Fear the awesome power of the roadhouse. The awesome, recently dormant, but nonetheless mighty, power of the roadhouse.

    Have you posted links on myspace and facebook?

  2. Chad Post author

    Wow…. that program seems really… ummm… Microsoftastic. I feel somewhat secure in my future career opportunities.

  3. sharolyn

    I asked my brother if he had heard of this. (We trade services, since he is more technologically-minded than I am. By that, I mean I bake him stuff and remember his birthday.) Here was his input:

    “The commercial is even more lame than the program.

    Actually, the program Band in a Box has evolved into something like this. Are you familiar with it? It was originally created to make Jamey Aebersold style accompaniments for chord changes you type in. Then they added a “soloist” feature which added a solo created from little one- or two-measure licks. Then they added a “melodist” feature. Then a title generator. One day I sat down and used all the automatic features and had the program start writing its own music.

    Having comepletely gotten onto a tangent, I would highly recommend the program, however, if you need to create simple accompaniment tracks.”

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