Christmas Chainsaw Massacre

If you’re wondering what to buy your 4-year-old and 6-year-old nephews, allow me to highly recommend getting them a toy chainsaw that makes real chainsaw noises, and also has a spinning beaded metal “chain” that causes burn marks when they slam it against their brother’s shin and pull the trigger.

Who wins this round of Christmas? Uncle Michael, that’s who.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Chainsaw Massacre

  1. michael lee

    Their dad got them a full stormtrooper helmet, the kind with a voice modulator inside so that whatever you say inside the helmet comes out sounding like a stormtrooper. You don’t know terror until you’ve seen a 6-year-old kid running full speed through the house with a storm trooper helmet on, revving a chainsaw, and yelling “HAHAHAHAHAHA” through the storm trooper voice modulator.

    Happy birthday, baby Jesus.

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