Advent Reminder

Every year, I have to ask Doug to remind me what the weeks in advent stand for. Since I don’t have a handy notebook near, I’m posting this here to remind me throughout the season, and so that I can find it with a snappy little blog search next year.

Advent is four weeks long. The four weeks are:

  1. Hope – the Prophet
  2. Love – the Holy Family
  3. Joy – the Shepherds
  4. Peace – the Magi

On week 5, we celebrate the traditional “80-Proof Christmas” candle, wherein all music pastors pass out from exhaustion and slip into the numb embrace of Bookers.

6 thoughts on “Advent Reminder

  1. Stick

    You guys are going to hate me. I realized today that we’re not starting Christmas tomorrow at church, I’m gone with J for the weekend next week, and I have Christmas Eve off because we’re having a guest artist in to do it. So, I’ve got a total 2 Sunday’s of Christmas music this year. And, since we’ll probably only do 2 or maybe 3 carols per Sunday, I’m looking at probably 5 tunes total for the season. Maybe I’ll do a fresh arrangement for one of two of them… maybe.

  2. Chad

    The 80 Proof Christmas Candle is actually just pouring out some bookers onto the ground (for our homies, yo) and lighting it on fire.

  3. Eric

    In some (predominantly Anglican) traditions, the third Sunday of Advent is associated with the Virgin Mary. The Sunday is indeed named “Gaudete” (joy), and is also called Rose Sunday, one of the two Sundays in the liturgical calendar for which the color indicated is pink or rose (for joy), the other being Laetare (O be joyful), the fourth Sunday of Lent. Laetare is also celebrated in the Anglican tradition as Mothering Sunday (i.e., Mother’s Day), so it’s possible that the two Rose Sundays got muddled somewhere along the way.

  4. PortcullisChain

    OT….Is anyone else having problems with the RSS feed. I haven’t seen a post come in since Chad’s “Sir, Your Pain is Scheduled…” post on 11/13/08.

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