Messiah Sing-Along

Anyone up for this? “Cheap seats” start at $24, but if we have a group of 8+, there’s a discount. What night? How many tix? In the comments.

5 thoughts on “Messiah Sing-Along

  1. Gretchen

    Mike and I did this last year at Lake Ave. It’s fun. and stinkin’ hard (for those of us who haven’t had to read “real” music forever). I can’t do either night, but Mike will be single 12/15 :)

  2. michael lee

    Chad, I see nothing in the fine print that precludes sneaking in a flask of Bookers, and turning our 36 oz Cokes into 36 oz Kentucky Cokes.

    If we get a group, I’m in for the 15th.

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