6 thoughts on “Mystery Piano

  1. Eric

    Uh…I’m in Boston, but lack both the resources and imagination for performance art.

    Although you have to admit it’s a pretty cool way to abandon an unwanted piece of furniture…

  2. Gretchen

    I think it was part of a photo shoot or music video. Maybe someone didn’t get the memo, “What?I thought you were bringing the piano back! Ah, let’s just leave it there”

  3. corey

    Gretchen, you’re close. This is all a pretty simple misunderstanding- but no less embarrassing.

    So it was a few weeks ago when I realized I needed to go ahead and finally break down and get some headshots. I mean, I live in OC, I play guitar and do advertising. I’m kind of a big deal. So I called the photographer and scheduled the shoot. He suggested something a little classier than me sitting on my couch holding both my guitar and my laptop (my idea). He sold me on the idea of shooting me at a “lonely piano in the woods- to show your creative-yet-untouchable beauty”. I said, “whatever- you’re the picture pro, right?”

    Because I was trying to get out the door, eat lunch, and finish the phone call all at once- he and I were talking over each other and it was a traffic jam of information. Apparently, he was asking me where we gonna do the shoot, I had a mouth full of chips and mango salsa, and I signed off that call how I sign off most of my business calls, “let’s do this, bitches”… You can see how he heard Massachusetts instead. Y’all sit tight, I’m gonna ring up the Mass. PD…

  4. Sharolyn

    Thanks, about the pic. I feel a little silly about it. My friend was taking pictures of my kids, and snapped a few of me. Since all the cool kids were going more dramatic, I figured, so would I. And by “all the cool kids”, I mean Chad.

    I hope you don’t mind the few asides. I haven’t been having any thinky-thoughts lately, so for now asides are my spiritual gift. (huh?…)

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