When Stick makes deliveries, there are no questions.

My hubs just got a chunk-o-music placed in this trailer. He rocks.

There are also no questions when he makes dinner.
So yeah, there are always questions. Always.
(But that’s ok…cuz’ I’m better at making the dinner than I am at making the movie trailer music. It all works out.)

22 thoughts on “When Stick makes deliveries, there are no questions.

  1. June Post author

    Oh, and hon, if I did let the boys watch this, which I won’t, I’m sure they’d think you were even awesomer than they already do, if that’s even possible.
    (The “awesomer” is for you, Aly.)

  2. Stick

    Mine starts when the “Lionsgate” logo pops up, and ends when the bad guy says “PUHHHH, complete the mission”.

    Of course, they edited the snot out of my original, but that’s par for the course.

  3. Sharolyn

    Please. I am becoming sick and tired of everyone in this industry using old scoring functions. The last guy I hired was using PT3.5 and had no chromatic or tritone implementations, regardless of BGVs. Now, WHERE IS MY EVIAN?!

  4. Stick

    Sadly neither the Audi or the film score shall be mine. Interestingly, the film trailer world has pretty much nothing to do with the actual film production.

  5. michael lee

    When are you gonna come down and share wisdom with some of our commercial music students? I think it would be great for them to be able to ask questions of people who are right in the trenches, instead of washed up and cynical academics like me.

  6. michael lee

    Actually, I was thinking we make up a conference, like the “Getty Wine and Cheese Commercial Music Conference”, then your fancy little private school can pay your travel expenses. Oooo, and we can charge them a conference fee, like $600 or whatever. It’ll be awesome!

  7. Chad

    Yes. Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is the musical supervisor on the “Transporter 3″ trailer. And, he’s also Brian’s boss at William Jessup University.

    It’s the Scientology. It allows him to be… everywhere.

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