Fire Season 2008

We got to church this morning to find everything covered in a layer of ash from the Yorba Linda fires. A few families from the church were evacuated, not sure yet if anyone lost homes. Is everyone safe?

11 thoughts on “Fire Season 2008

  1. Chad

    I spoke with Corey this morning about something totally unrelated, and fire evacuation did not come up. I’d take this as a good sign.

    However, if he were evacuated, how would he respond? Only in the OC do the Red Cross shelters have wi-fi.

  2. Zack

    Friday night, we had some friends over for drinkin’ round the fire pit. Around midnight, we noticed the fire. Here’s a photo (10-second exposure) from my driveway. We’re safe, miles away from the fires, the photo just looks gnarly.

    Sayre Fire, from Sun Valley

  3. Zack

    Long exposures give everything a certain level of amazingness. They are way more gooder. Some would say they’re the most bestest.

  4. corey

    Just checking in- was in DC all last week and got off a plane on Saturday just in time to swap out clean underwear in my suitcase and evacuate. Good times.

    We didn’t run too much of a risk of fire damage to our house, but it was like being around my house on a reeeeaallly foggy day. Except the fog is actually smoke. That burns your eyes. And can kill.

    We’re home now. And by “we’re”, I mean “they’re” home now. I’m up in Central CA (San Luis Obisbo this morning) winding my way back down to OC.

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