7.8 Earthquake will hit LA on Thursday Morning!

How prepared are you for a large earthquake? Like, walls of Jericho, power out for days, freeways torn up, gangs of rabid Lutherans wandering the streets looking for dogs to eat, that kind of thing? A bone-crushing 7.8?

How much emergency water do you have stored up? Canned food? Ummm … can opener?

Fire alarms working? Know where the main gas shut-off is for your house? Is your iPhone stored in such a way that you can quickly grab it, and some decent headphones, on your way out of the house? If I’m spending 3 weeks sleeping on a cot at the local shelter, I’m not doing it without my jamz, yo.

This Thursday morning, Southern California will be holding the largest earthquake drill in history. 5 million people participating, so far. If you want to be one of them, register at shakeout.org.

So. How ready are you? We here at the Lee family … are absolutely not prepared. Please don’t tell my scoutmaster.

8 thoughts on “7.8 Earthquake will hit LA on Thursday Morning!

  1. harmonicminer

    Hmmm… where I live, we ARE the local shelter.

    We are prepared better than most. Of course, with my luck, I’ll be 50 miles away in urban hell and living out of the Prius

  2. Anthony

    Our church campus is participating during next week’s services… we’re even having parents pick up students from our evacuation location – should be fun!

  3. Bill Heatley

    I learned that if you have an office with windows, you’re supposed to leave your office and go under a cubicle…so, here’s my question, “What is the social protocol for climbing under someone else’s cubicle?”, “What if they decline?”, “What sexual harrasement issues will arise?”

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