6 thoughts on “Hologram Reporter

  1. Chad

    That’s Obi Hussein Kenobi to you.

    I think this was the 2nd dumbest thing of the night, the first of which was when CNN was calling states and showing a graphic that said 0% precincts reporting.

    I demand a recount! I know there are… um… 7,000,000+ extra McCain votes out there somewhere!

  2. Christopher

    Was this an actual hologram apparent to the reporter in the station or was it just added in to be present to the viewer and not the actual reporter

  3. Stick

    Yeah, I happened to see the first time she got on there, and she said they’d been working on setting it up for like 3 weeks or something ridiculous. Surely we can find better ways to spend money than 25 HD cameras surrounding a reporter so we can beam her back to the studio. Dumb.

  4. Zack

    Stick, remember: This is CNN we’re talking about here. This really IS the best way they can spend their money. (Well, and tricking out their Iraq News Hummer, ala “Pimp My Ride”. Not kidding. Google it)

    For my dollar, I was supremely entertained by the “whoosh” and “laser” sound FX every time a graphic wiped on or off the screen. Combined with the holographic reporters, it really added to the “Attack of The Clones” vibe of the whole election coverage.

    It’s not about news. News is boring, ’cause it’s just, well…..news. IT’S ABOUT INFORMATION ENTERTAINMENT. “INFOTAINMENT”, if you will. OBEY.

    Sidenote: Is this the first time a new visual technology has NOT been deployed, and therefore advanced through pornography? Beta, VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray – all have been media-delivery standards at one point or another because of early porn-adopters. Am I to expect my copy of “Ramming Speed” (starring Stormy Daniels as Speed, by the way) to arrive on some sort of holographic media? Cool. But is it messy?

    (Mike, I apologize in advance for the Google AdWords campaigns this is gonna initiate)

  5. Scott

    So glad they got a blue-haloed image to stand in a tent so that Wolf Blitzer could shout towards the red spot on the ground 40 feet away.

    The best technology is the kind that doesn’t help anybody do anything.

    Wait, what were they even talking about? Hmph. Effective for transmitting important news.

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