Wedding Cinematography

I’ve been producing wedding videos for about 5 years now. Five years. Whoa. I didn’t even realize just how long I’ve been doing this, until I decided to put together a “Best-Of” Cinematography reel – specifically for wedding work, without the other fluff.

Anyway. Here it is. It’s not often I get to shamelessly promote myself, so I’m jumping in whole-hog. (Pardon the crap-tastic quality of Google Video. A higher-quality Quicktime version is available for viewing on my site)

6 thoughts on “Wedding Cinematography

  1. Erica

    Dude…so great! I just kept thinking that everyone seems so happy. What is it like to get to work for people on the happiest day of their lives? Well…there is no doubt that the story you tell through your lens is beautiful! Your artistry certainly shines through your work. Oh…love the song, too!

  2. Zack

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

    It’s funny – the more TV/Film work I do, the more people I meet who literally HATE wedding videographers. They assume we’re con-artists and fakes; that we rid our clients of money to produce cheesy garbage. I’ve heard people say that wedding videographers actually prey on brides-to-be, since they’re “vulnerable” when planning a wedding, etc.

    Suffice to say, we’re not painted in the best light, and sometimes, for good reason! I’ve seen my fair share of shitty wedding videos. I know how obnoxious and devoid of art most of them can be. I fell into this business by complete accident, and well, let’s just say I saw a “market opportunity” – to actually make good wedding videos.

    Lately, I’m nurturing a resurgence in my interest in this type of work. Sure, I get burned out a little at the height of wedding season. But recently, I’ve really started to reevaluate exactly what this medium is really all about. It’s a good feeling, to like what you do…again.

    It’s awesome to shoot people on their happiest day. The energy is paramount to anything I’ve put in the lens, including dangerous high-speed stunt work and high-stress reality pilots. There’s only one take for everything, which adds to the excitement.

    From the beginning, I’ve never really offered my clients many options. It’s my way of saying, “Don’t mess up a good thing”. When it comes to weddings, I do one thing well, and I don’t stray from it. That’s been a real blessing, actually. I have the privilege of working for clients who want my eye, and my style – not some twisted amalgamation of different styles.

    Anyway, I’m done sharing for now. I’ve got about a dozen weddings to edit, dating back to July. Yup, I’m swamped…

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