One thought on “Violence in India

  1. Leonard

    I just returned from India a couple weeks ago. We built a mobile medical clinic in Kashmir that travels throughout remote villages providing free medical help. Often these people have had no treatment for anything and they will line up all day to receive help.

    I spoke to 325 pastors in Punjab who, if they follow the words of the bible, will suffer much and some give their lives so others may know Christ. Most of these pastors were from what is a group called the untouchables. They were so surprised when we, white, rich (to them we are all rich) Americans came in and hugged them, ate with them and sat together on the floor, worshiping Christ with them.

    We are working on a bible college where all the students were run out of their homes because of a profession of faith in Christ. All these 16-21 year old men and women come from Hindu and Muslim families and are now Christ followers. Many were beaten and then kicked out of their homes.

    It is actually pretty amazing what God is doing in India and the amount of persecution going on at the hands of radical Hindu and Muslim people is worthy of our prayer. Thanks for posting this, I have a very soft spot in my heart for India. I have been 2 times and will probably go back in 09 for a couple weeks.

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