The Dailies on MySpace

Hey all.

So… look. We all despise MySpace. I understand. I’ve avoided it for 2 years after we set it up after the 1st record. However, for us indies, it’s a part of the landscape.

We’ve been updating our Myspace page with new tunes, including “The Tempest,” which none of ya’ll have heard, so I’d love to welcome you to do 2 things:

1. Please go enjoy the tunes. We’re really, really proud of them.
2. If you have a MySpace account, let’s be friends!

Thus concludes today’s shameless self-promotion.

6 thoughts on “The Dailies on MySpace

  1. Bill Heatley

    Dude, I can’t believe you succumbed to the dreaded Myspace taint. Next thing you’re going to tell me your voting for “The Man”. And I can’t believe you participated in such shameless self-promotion.

    Oh, and I had a killer interview for my book, The Gift of Work, on the John & Stephanie show at

    To purchase my phenomenal book, “The Gift of Work” please go to or


  2. Chad Post author

    Actually, if you check out the video that Mike posted, it turns out Sarah Palin is a man. A small, scary man.

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