Creative By Committee: A Christmas Miracle

In this week’s episode of the popular and ongoing “Creative by Committee” series, the fabulous collective musical genius of the roadhouse will be helping The Right Revered Professor Lee (DMA, MA, SPF, Esq.) assemble the musical soundtrack to that most miraculous of seasons, Stressmas. NervousBreakdownmas. Noseefamilymas. Can I get a shout out from all the pastors in the house?

So, I’m looking for three things this christmasy season. First, I’m in desperate and immediate need of choir music suitable for eager and hardworking seasonal choir members of limited reading experience. In token and pledge of gifts to come, I present to you “Child of Peace“, done by our choir last year, freely yours to use this year. Dan, I’m looking your way. Share the love. The lovely, lovely love. If your piece is picked, you will be the proud winner of a complementary set of rehearsal tracks, recorded for my choir, free to use for yours.

Second, I’m looking for hymns, psalms and spiritual songs that have fallen by the wayside, and deserve to be picked up, dusted off, and lovingly reused as either congregational worship or special music, possibly with string quartet. Chad, I know you have some good good in your back pocket for this one. Aly, I’m looking at you too.

Finally, most contempo worship for Christmas belongs in the crap drawer, next to contemporary music for weddings and contemporary music for funerals. If you happen to be in secretive possession of that most elusive of finds, a singable up-tempo modern Christmas song that doesn’t make you want to drink yourself into oblivion and start a fist-fight with the nearest lyricist, then by all means, share.

It is hereby moved and seconded, the motion carries, Creative by Committee is now in season … er … session.

11 thoughts on “Creative By Committee: A Christmas Miracle

  1. Daniel Semsen

    OOO! I have a zillion songs I could pass along…but first, let’s narrow it down…are you looking for something along the same lines as “Child of Peace” (I just went back and listened again…very nice, btw).

    …or do you want upbeat? Sacred-ish? A Capella?

    Help a brotha out.

    Also…my favorite version of Silent Night is Shackleton’s from like 1986…it just can’t be out done…no other arrangement comes close. EVER.

  2. Scott

    I heard this great song the other day… called “I Have Seen the Light”.

    Ever heard of it?

    Seriously though, I too shall chew.

  3. Eric

    There’s lots of great stuff on the Choral Public Domain website, though (since it’s public domain) most may not be quite what you’re looking for (Renaissance, a cappella, etc.), but there are contemporary works, too:

    Here’s another Christmas carol collection:

    I have a couple of short choral pieces posted on the Werner Icking Music Archive, (but they’re both a cappella, and heavily Anglican…):

    Are there any suitable selections at

  4. Scott

    Sorry, all I’ve been able to come up with so far is this vacant expression. Too bad you can’t see it, or this comment would have been funny.

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