Ubuntu, Baby

This is my daughter, showing me how the drawing program works on her new linux computer. I set it up for her, and 30 seconds later she told me to go away, because she didn’t need my help anymore.

My work here is done.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu, Baby

  1. june

    Ah yes. Would we expect any less from Mike’s daughter? I see Gretchen’s influence in her cutie outfit…and telling Mike where to go. ; )

    This reminds me of our four-year-old. He recently said “Mom, can I pway on da computer?” (A request I hear no less than 10 times a day…and no he doesn’t play 10 times a day.) I said “What word did you forget, honey?” (It was “please” I was hoping for.) He replied: “……………internet?!”

  2. Bill Heatley

    I did the same thing for my son 17 years ago (age 3) and later found out that he had use the 3.5″ floppy disk drive as a stogage container for small objects, buttons, paper clips…. This is also the son who could load his favorite video into the VCR and decided he wanted to watch his favorite sandwich on TV (peanut butter and jelly). Ahh the joy of children and technology.

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