A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today I was in a lot of pain. I looked and felt as though I had been run over by a truck. I was hooked up to I-Vs and drugs, my husband by my bedside to wake me out of my anesthesia and hold my hand. And I was completely joyful. Because there was also this little clear glass basket by my bed that held our son, Josiah Michael Lee, just hours old and sleeping peacefully. We were now the parents of two.

Now, a year later, my little guy is literally trying to run around the house after his sister, climb anything that is going to get him a little bit higher, and eat anything available, even when that means having to find it himself somewhere off the kitchen floor.

It is amazing to think back on this last year and how much our family has grown and changed. The joy we have felt to be parents two times over, the frustrations we have faced while trying to¬† parent those two, the laughter shared as Sophia entertains us and Josiah reacts to his favorite big sister and the wonder of “what’s next?”. And we’re just getting started.

I know it’s cliche, but I imagine a lot of the parent readers out there can attest to the fact that time flies fast. I am trying to hang on to these fleeting moments now, knowing they will be gone too fast. And at the same time, remind myself during the wakeful nights, tantrums and “neediness” that this is just a stage. I am excited to watch both Sophia and Josiah daily learn new things, show us their personalities and become amazing little people.

It is a year later, and I am blessed by something I never thought would happen for Mike and I. I am blessed and thankful. Happy Birthday my sweet one year old!

6 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today…

  1. Rach

    Yay for babies! We are blessed as parents. We learn so much that we never expected to, it’s an awesome experience.

  2. june

    Happy Birthday lil’ J-man! And congrats to your parents for making it through year one! I don’t think parents ever miss the demands of the early years but they (or at least the mommies) probably always miss their babies being babies.

  3. michael lee

    We’re missing it already. We went to my folks place last Thursday, and he was taking his first few tentative steps. My mom said, “By the time we come see him next week, he won’t be crawling at all anymore, he’ll be walking everywhere.” We laaaaaaaughed and laughed at that crazy old woman.

    Mom win.

  4. june

    Yes, once they start walking, it’s like someone pushes fast forward inside of them….forever! But, comfort yourself with this thought: soon, when leaving the house, it won’t take you 43 minutes to just get what you need and get everyone in the car!! It’s a blessed thing to be able to say “Kids, go get in the car and buckle up” and it happens!

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