Instrument / Economy Trivia

From the newspaper’s Money Section: “Founded in 1623 by an Amernian in the Nar East, I’m the oldest continually family-owned business in America.  I moved to Massachusetts in the 1900s, and I make and market musical instruments.  My secret manufacturing process involves tin, copper and silver.  Jazz kept me going in the Depression, when I worked in “hi-hat”, “low-sock” and “hi-sock” versions of my flagship product.  Later came “Bop-Rides”, “Pings”, and “Sizzles”.  Satisfied customers have included Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Ringo Starr and Keith Moon.  I”m still the top name in my field and remin a privately held company.  Who am I?”

6 thoughts on “Instrument / Economy Trivia

  1. James

    I actually knew all of this :)…. I love being a percussionist sometimes… oblivious to the world except for the random facts that pertain to us :P

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