An Oasis

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a worshiper while leading worship. It’s been a desert. This morning was an oasis, though. It was alive, responsive, passionate, and the words I was leading were true for me too. Songs that had been clunky and awkward in previous weeks just soared.

What a blessing.

3 thoughts on “An Oasis

  1. Leonard

    I know of which you speak. In the “profession” of ministry it is sometimes difficult to worship… I am very glad for you brother.

  2. James

    As sad as I was that today was going to be my last time with you for a while, it was such a blessing. There’s no better feeling than what was present on the stage today. Thank you so much for having me as a part of that, Michael :)

  3. Julie

    You hit it on the head Mike. I am so glad you felt the oasis come over you! Jesus is so incredible!

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