Friday GameDay! The Winningest Photo International Version

It’s Friday! If ever there was a day to devote to tomfoolery and such, it’s today. Following up on the wild success of our last “The Winningest Photo” contest, I present to you the new and improved International version of The Winningest Photo.

The rules are simple. This photo is so awesome, it must have won some sort of photo contest. Name that contest.

New rule added this time, PC has to run all entries past his wife before hitting “submit”. The people have spoken.

12 thoughts on “Friday GameDay! The Winningest Photo International Version

  1. aly hawkins

    Winning image for the Ducks Are People Too (a 527 group) print-ad rollout. It’s got everything, from a marketing perspective: a beloved American superhero (played by Don Cheadle), ambiguously ethnic citizen-families, and “average” ducklings that everyday Americans will immediately identify with.

    Wow. When did I turn into such a wonk?

  2. Leonard

    aly – there is an inner “wonk” in all of us. We just don’t all let it out. This guy won the “when baby sitters fall asleep before the kids contest. I think my Inner Wonk just surfaced. Sorry.

  3. karen hall

    Inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s riveting “Tropic Thunder” performance, Tobey Maguire enters the “I’m just a dude playing a dude pretending to be another dude in Mongolia” photo contest.

  4. Bobby

    When Ducklings Attack: the unselfish sacrifice of the spider-man. A joint venture between Fox Reality and the Lifetime Movie Network.

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