We had some friends over last night. To protect their identities, let’s just call them … Ryan and Karen. In the course of the evening, the following conversation took place.

Karen: We’re trying to reestablish our credit to qualify for a mortgage, but we paid off all of our credit cards.

Ryan: So, we need to go buy a new TV. The one I want just dropped to $1,700!

Karen: We are not spending $1,700 on a TV.

Ryan: That’s on sale! It used to be $3,500!

Karen: But it’s still $1,700 …

Michael: That’s like, 48 World Vision Goats!

Ryan: How am I supposed to watch TV on a goat?

12 thoughts on “Consumerific!

  1. Ryan

    Well…for the original price of the TV… I could do both!
    See, 48 kids happy, check.
    Ryan happy, check.

    Goats happy?

  2. karen hall

    Hang on a sec…before we just give these goats away…are they High Def with 1080p resolution?

  3. Leonard

    Buy the TV, Buy the goats and skip buying a mower when you move into your new home. Have the goats do it while you watch the TV.

  4. Ryan

    So…can I buy my TV yet? I’ll throw in a couple extra goats and I’ll even mow Leonard’s lawn.

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