Our Father, Vindicate (update)

Well, I’ve been busy stacking impossible notes next to each other, in my ongoing quest to write my way out of ever being asked to compose something ever again.

This is identical to the previous demo, up to the 2:00 mark. After that, a whole new section completed today, a Kyrie plopped right in the middle of the “forgive us our debts” phrase. Like last time, this isn’t yet finished (or properly edited), but unlike last time, I’m uploading a PDF of the score, in its present state. Geek on, young music geeks!

Our Father, Vindicate (Score)


21 thoughts on “Our Father, Vindicate (update)

  1. Eric

    Really nice, Mike. The spreading cluster at m. 24 reminds me of Charles Ives’s Psalm 90 (but it doesn’t sound derivative), and I particularly like the asymmetric meters on “Give us this day…”. I really like the Kyrie – a bit of Russian Orthodox flavor.


  2. michael lee Post author

    Thanks, Eric. That is high praise, coming from you. I appreciate it.

    Yes, the choir is all me. I figured out a way to record multiple vocal passes on a song without having to fall back to click, and this was the first project I tested it on.

  3. michael lee Post author

    Not so much.

    My job for 4 years as a choir accompanist on piano was, for the most part, to ignore the conductor and lead the orchestra.

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  5. michael lee Post author

    I just won a grant through the university to record the demo, and to make a documentary video of the process for our composition and engineering students to reference!

    First an office, now this … I feel like a real live academic hoitey-toitey!

  6. Sharolyn

    Mike, that’s awesome. Are you allowed to have any fun with the video, such as wearing a professor jacket with elbow patches and smoking a pipe? Congrats!

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